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    The small sesame oil we call is the sesame oil made of stone mill. The great advantage of the stone mill is low-temperature grinding. The process of extracting oil from small sesame oil does not need any chemical solvent, so there is no residue of any chemical solvent, which is deeply loved by food lovers. So how to improve the oil yield of the stone mill? Let's talk about it today.
    Sesame stone mill is used for pressing sesame seeds. It is light, convenient and easy to operate. This machine directly adds the fried oil into the oil pressing barrel to discharge the oil pressure. The process is simple and fast, and the pure, aromatic and oil impermeable grease can be directly discharged. The finished oil can be processed in about 5-7 minutes under the witness of the user. The user said that the oil is at ease.
    The stone mill is especially suitable for users in sesame, rape, peanut and other production areas. The main components of the fragrant oil machine include piston, hydraulic cylinder, column, movable upper beam, base, oil pump, barrel, electric thermal coil and automatic temperature control device. All of them are made of high-quality metal materials, which improves the performance of the machine and ensures the service life of the components.
    Fragrant oil grinder has low investment cost and is suitable for zero pressure, cold pressure and hot pressure. It is an ideal oil pressing equipment. The fragrant oil machine has the advantages of compact structure, durability, high output and oil yield, and convenient operation and maintenance. Sesame oil mechanism innovation, Mechatronics: scientific design, reasonable structure, convenient operation, safe and stable, fully automatic device, from feeding to finished products in just a few minutes.
    The oil output rate of fragrant stone mill is reasonable and high: the principle of multi-stage propulsion and progressive pressurization is adopted to rapidly increase the pressure in the press chamber, so that the oil output can be used once.
    There are ways to improve the oil yield of the fragrant stone mill. The content is like this. If you have relevant questions, you can follow our website www.zysmcn Com consulting!
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