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    一、 選料炒籽。選成熟飽滿、干濕適中的新芝麻,先用簸箕清除各種雜質,也可用清水漂洗除去漂浮的雜質和沉底的泥沙,然后堆悶起來,使其均

    一、 選料炒籽。選成熟飽滿、干濕適中的新芝麻,先用簸箕清除各種雜質,也可用清水漂洗除去漂浮的雜質和沉底的泥沙,然后堆悶起來,使其均勻吃水。炒芝麻時,先用急火加熱,當快熟時,漸減火勢,并加快攪動,促進煙和水氣的放出。芝麻呈黃褐色時,迅速取出,攤開降溫,并簸去炒焦的碎末渣滓。
    1、 Stir fry seeds with selected ingredients. Select new sesame seeds that are mature, full and moderately dry and wet. First, use a dustpan to remove all kinds of impurities, or rinse with clean water to remove floating impurities and sediment at the bottom, and then pile them up to make them draft evenly. When frying sesame seeds, first heat them with a quick fire. When they are about to mature, gradually reduce the fire and speed up the stirring to promote the release of smoke and moisture. When the sesame is yellowish brown, take it out quickly, spread it out to cool down, and winnow the scorched debris.
    2、 Finely ground sesame seeds. Put the fried crisp and clean sesame seeds on the stone mill while they are hot and grind them repeatedly or on a small mill for fine grinding. When the sesame is ground to a thick paste slurry, check the fineness. Twist the slurry with your thumb and index finger, leaving no residue. The finer the better. Then put the slurry in a basin, put it into a pot with boiling water and heat it gently.
    三、 對漿攪拌。經過磨料操作,加入開水攪拌,就能把料漿中的油代替出來。必須用90度以上的開水,加水量一般是芝麻重量的二分之一左右,分三四次加入,逐次減少加水量,每次加水后均要攪拌。油漿底部漸呈蜂窩狀,大部分油即浮出。*酌量加水定漿,攪速放慢,半小時后將油撇出。
    3、 Stir the slurry. The oil in the slurry can be replaced by adding boiled water for stirring after abrasive operation. The boiled water above 90 ° C must be used. The amount of water added is generally about one-half of the weight of sesame seeds. Add it in threeorfour times, reduce the amount of water one by one, and mix it after adding water each time. The bottom of the oil slurry is gradually honeycomb, and most of the oil will float out* Add water to fix the slurry, slow down the mixing speed, and skim out the oil after half an hour.
    4、 Vibration oil separation. After the slurry is mixed with water, most of the oil is separated from the slurry, and a stick or gourd can be used to vibrate up and down in the slurry to promote the agglomeration and floating of small oil drops in the slurry. Continuous vibration skimming for three times.
    When the sesame paste stone mill vibrates to separate oil, the temperature should be kept at 80 to 90 degrees to reduce the viscosity of the oil. The scented oil that is skimmed out, if it does not contain slurry residue, should not be filtered, that is, it is a fragrant and transparent small ground scented oil. The remaining oil residue can be used as soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and snack stuffing, but it should be eaten in time to prevent mildew and deterioration. The oil residue can be stored dry for a long time.
    For more information about the use of this machine, please pay attention to our website www.zysmcn Www. 68mn!
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